Solid fuel boilers "Prometey"

Solid fuel boilers "Prometey" are used for heating of individual dwellings, buildings and constructions of communal and domestic purpose with an area from 75 to 900 square meters.

The furnaces of our boilers are made of 5mm thick steel and are adapted for burning firewood, briquettes, coal and lignite, wood waste - quality of which meets the standards of fuel for municipal and household needs.

Solid fuel boilers "Prometey" are made of high quality materials. "Prometey" boilers operate in heating systems with natural or forced circulation of the coolant. The main advantage of solid fuel boilers is that they are independent of electricity and can be installed in locations far away from the power supply. In the upper wall of the casing there is a place for installation of a mechanical thrust regulator, by which the operation of the boiler is simplified. Thermal insulation is located around the perimeter of the boiler. It allows to increase fire safety and allows to place a boiler in unheated rooms or on the street.