Repair clamps

Repair clamps (further-clamps) are intended for sealing of holes, cracks and
other damages of the plumbings, as well as to connect pipes of the same
diameter with water pressure of not more than 2.5MPa (25 kg/cm2). Temperature modes at which the capacity is maintained: from - 30 C to +110 C.
Material - stainless steel.
The rubber glued to the ribbon has a wafer-like protector and a tapered end.
Clamps are available in two types of one (one tape) or two parts (two
tapes). The clamps, depending on their length, are available in different quantities
clamping studs (two to six).
Sizes of clamps:
One tape (one tape) - outer diameters of pipes in the range from 60-67
up to 320-330 mm. The length of the clamps is 150,200,300,400, 500mm.
Two tape (two tapes) - outer pipe diameters in the range of 420-440
up to 630-650 mm. Clamp length up to 500mm.
* Clamps can be made of other sizes at customer's request.